Client Testimonials

“Tom has been working with my company for the last two years and has been an instrumental partner in improving our team dynamics.  Working closely with several members of my team, and myself, he has helped us identify developmental needs, set goals for improvement and ensure execution.  The result has been substantially improved morale, communications and laser focus on improving organizational results instead of individual outcomes.  Tom is an excellent listener and has a calm, but confident, approach to working with us.  Most importantly, he always comes prepared and makes sure that time spent with him is valuable.  My team will continue working with Tom in the future, and I would recommend him to any team.” Craig Joncas, Penobscot Financial.

Nikki C:   Tom’s manner is forward-looking, direct, open-minded, and positive. He somehow achieves a rare combination of being both no-nonsense and caring. In addition to asking key questions that led to detailed strategies and plans, he helped instill the confidence I needed to follow through.

Nicholas M:  I was particularly impressed by Tom’s ability to develop such a rapid rapport and setting the stage for a one-on-one coaching relationship. 

Craig J: Entering our first session together, I was a skeptic and by the end of our first hour, I had an action plan for working with a co-worker in a meaningful fashion to focus on her growth and development.  Over the six-month period I realized many benefits from working with Tom, some tangible outcomes and others were soft-skill development.

Hannah T:  Working with Tom helped me recognize that the way I approach my work while feeling stressed was causing me to be less productive and hindered my ability to work well with others. Understanding what part of my work was in my control versus what portion is unpredictable helped me think about my workload differently and organize my schedule in a way that helps keep me efficient.  Since working with Tom, I have improved my attitude, enhanced my ability to collaborate with and motivate my coworkers, and achieved a healthier work-life balance.